Saturday, October 9, 2010

mostly wedding success!

So one of my classmates got married tonight, so me and 4 girls in our class went! It was a beautiful ceremony! And i didn't workout earlier today, because i thought we were gonna stay a while and dance! Boy was i disappointed or what... let's just say we didn't dance and i was disappointed!

That just means i'll have to dance my booty off at my sister's wedding next weekend :) OH EM GEE. It's next saturday!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Food wise for the wedding i did good-ish ... 5 little meatballs, 3 little pieces of chicken, tomatoes, carrots, 1/2 of a little triangle sandwich, 1 sprite, 1 michelob ultra, and 1 piece of yummy delicious pecan filled cake! And i only had one serving... didn't go back for Seconds or Thirds or Fourths, etc. SMALL VICTORY FOR ME! Now let's see if i can do the same for my sister's wedding and upcoming events!!!


Best of Luck to Melissa, Rita, and Jennifer doing half-marathons tomorrow!

much love, yo.


Misty & Heidi said...

oh that sucks...I love dancing, such a great workout but dosent feel like a workout!

btw..saw you were going to be a nurse, thats awesome, good luck!
I am a nutrition major to get my RD so that I can become a CDE (certified diabetes educator) i was initially going to get my BSN no RD to do this but RD seem to be slightly shorter rout I still would like to go and get my BSN though

Karen said...

Good for you! I did not have as great success at a wedding celebration last night:(