Lose 28 pounds = 10% of my body fat         done   9/15/10
Lose 30 pounds    done 9/29/10
Lose 40 pounds pounds by my sister's wedding
Lose 50 pounds
Lose 56 pounds = 20% of my body fat
Lose 60 pounds
Lose 70 pounds
Lose 80 pounds
Lose 90 pounds
Lose 100 pounds and go shopping for a new wardrobe with my sister wherever i want :)
Lose 110 pounds
Lose 120 pounds
Lose 130 pounds
Lose 138 pounds

Graduate from LPN School
Wearing fun, cute dresses and not be worried about what i look like in it :)
Have a cute, sweet, funny, nice, caring, honest, gentlemanly guy ask me for my number :)

Someday buy bodymediafit   unless i win it as a gift first :)

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