Saturday, April 5, 2008

so life is what you make of it ......

LIFE is an opportunity, benefit from it.
LIFE is beauty, admire it.
LIFE is a dream, realize it.
LIFE is a challenge, meet it.
LIFE is a duty, complete it.
LIFE is a game, play it.
LIFE is a promise, fulfill it.
LIFE is a sorrow, overcome it.
LIFE is a song, sing it.
LIFE is a struggle, accept it.
LIFE is a tragedy, confront it.
LIFE is an adventure, dare it.
LIFE is luck, make it.
LIFE is too precious, do not destroy it.
LIFE is life, fight for it.
-Mother Theresa

so life is amazing right. i'm simply in love with life and where God is taking me and what God is doing with me. i just don't understand it sometimes, i think that life is fantastic... my friends are wonderful. sure i know that i don't hangout with him as much as i should... or as much as i want to .... but i know that they love me and they support me :) God is doing great things in my life. I'm going to be making some major changes..... i know it's going to take alotttt of hard work but i'm really excited for the new and real me. i haven't seen her in sooooo long. i miss her alottttt.