Monday, October 22, 2007

ahhh the mondays

life really is funny sometimes. sometimes we have thoughts of how we want our life to go, and God totally has different plans for our lives. It really is quite funny. So now, i've finished 7 months of medical assisting school. It was quite interesting and fun and crazy and dramatic and intense and great all at the same time. I managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA the entire 7 months. which was the first time that had ever happened in my ENTIRE LIFE, and i was nominated to the school's medical honor society which was quite an achievement for me. i was very excited to have achieved that. I learned that if i try hard, i can do anything that i put my mind to. My parents always told me that.. but i didn't really believe it for myself. but now i do :) i know that i can do anything that i want to, i just have to try hard! and my dad told me that when i was finished school we'd go shopping for a new car for me, and he just told me that we're going to start shopping for a car this weekend. i'm totally quite excited!!! i can't wait to have my own car, and to be able to decorate my car how i want to decorate it.. i deserve my own new car. i've driven hammy-down cars for the last 5 years from my sisters, and they're just breaking down. so i deserve this and am very much excited. so it's been 22 months since papa red died, and i still miss him alot. it'll be 2 years on December 13th. i miss him being physically present in my life, i know that he'll always be present in my heart. I just miss him talking to me and telling me stories, and just being my grandpa. I wish he could be here to celebrate these achievements in my life. But i know that he is smiling down on me from heaven.... I've met alot of great people lately, and i'm very grateful for them blessing my life... i can't wait to see what God's going to do in my life next... I'm really excited about mission trip in January and hopefully i will be going there :) i need God to open my heart and my eyes to new things and new experiences. i'm going to be making some personal changes in the new few weeks.. so keep posted for that greatness

much love.
b to the ritt