Thursday, October 21, 2010

long awaited update :)

1st - Momo (my mom's mom), Jerry (my brother-in-law / my sister's new husband), and my mom
2nd - Mom playing the scrubboard ( a traditional cajun musical instrument)
3rd - Me, looking beautiful while not really helping at all to fix the bustle on my sister's wedding dress
4th - The totally in love newlyweds
5th - Chels (the bride), me, and my other sister Desi (Chels and Desi are twins!) I love this picture so much! This was after crying at the wedding and during the toasts the siblings and my parents made and then after cajun dancing for almost 4 hours.

Here we go. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and i was a crying mess of course. My sister still did a few traditional things in her non-traditional way. That made my heart happy. yay. It was such a joy and honor to be there for my sister on her special day. It was great.
I was so glad to be a part of it, but i really am glad that it's over. No i can use my stressed out ness for other things haha. Like finishing school, graduating, studying for boards, packing, moving, working on my weight loss.

I ate pretty well i would say. My 288 pound self would be quite shocked. I had a few petit-fours at the bridal shower. Ate good at lunches and dinners. Didn't go to crazy on the pastas that were served. Ate a good portion of vegetables. There were SIXTEEN, yes 16 cakes, at the wedding and i did not have a single piece of cake. No even a piece of my grandfather's birthday cake!! (He turned 82!!!!!) I was way too busy talking to people, and dancing. I completely forget about the cake which i as a surprise to me!!

I feel better about my self than i did when i started my journey back in April, but i really have a good ways to go, before i totally feel happy with myself in pictures. I can't wait for the day with i feel good about how i look in a picture, and i won't have to take another picture just because i don't like the way i look! Oh how i can't wait for that day :)

Phewwww. Long post. Enough for now.

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler Mes Amis! (Let the good times roll, my friends!)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! You looked very spiffy all dolled up! Sharon