Wednesday, October 6, 2010

not so great

So weigh-in today was not pretty. I don't even want to update my progress or BMI because it will go up. 4.5 weight gain. DAMNNNNN IT. I really wish at times that i could go into inpatient rehab for emotional eating and mindless eating. So i could be detoxified from food, and then re-programmed my brain, and programmed with healthy and correct eating habits. But i know that, that will not happen or do much good. I would be more than likely, to go back to my old weighs rather quickly.

Have to deal with school, and my sister's wedding, and graduation, and the move is really quite stressful. I was doing so good. 32 pounds lost, and now i'm at 27.5 pounds lost. UGGGGH! I totally wanted to be at 40 pounds lost for my sister's wedding. I really think it's highly unlike that i'll lose 12.5 pounds for when i weigh-in next wednesday, so oh well.

I just have to get back up on that proverbial horse, and keep working hard, and keep trying hard. I really need to exercise like i tell myself i'm going to. Getting exercise, and getting that anxiety out really helps with my emotions, and all that anxiety i have that goes towards mindless and emotional eating.

I really love #fitblog, it's helped me so much. I've met some great people that are going through and dealing with and have gone thrown the same issues i'm having. It's such a beautiful thing. I wish sometimes they could be up in my face, telling me not to eat fast food when i want to stop after school or, telling me that i shouldn't order 6 sushi rolls, maybe 2 or 3. That i shouldn't eat 4 or 5 bread rolls at O'Charley's maybe just ask the people i'm with to move the bread basket to another side of the table. Sometimes i can totally do the turning down food at dinner and parties and function, but sometimes I SO CAN NOT. This past week it was SOOOOO CAN NOT!

Weigh gain occurred from: Eating pasta at dinner and 4 bread rolls, eating rolls of sushi, eating fastfood 3 times this week (which i never do! or try NOT to do!) Eating cheese and crackers which i'm not supposed to eat.

My Ideal Protein Protocol / Plan consists of:
Breakfast - 1 multi-vitamin, 1 potassium calcium vitamin, & select 1 Ideal Protein Food ( I normally have pudding, bar, or pre-made chocolate drink)

--> No mid-morning snack

Lunch - 2 cups of vegetables (there's a list of vegetables, some i'm not allowed to have as they are higher in carbs and calories than others), along with another IP food.

Dinner - 2 cups of vegetables ,and 5-7 oz of protein of my choosing (seafood, beef, chicken, poultry, eggs)
2 capsules of Magnesium-Calcium Vitamin

After dinner snack- another IP food with 2 more capsules of Magnesium-Calcium Vitamin


I've been on weight watchers several times, LA Weight Loss, and other diets. I found that when i follow the protocol exactly and get exercise-- I do great and feel great and i lose weight!!! But sometimes i just don't want to eat those healthy foods, i want to eat foods that i can't eat and shouldn't eat. It's difficult for me to plan meals, and pick out what's best. That's why this program works so WELL FOR ME! I just really need to get back to the program! YEAH that's right, i'm getting back on and i'm gonna do it!

Whoa, thanks for your listening :)

Until next time,

PS--> What do you do to keep yourself from overeating like crazy when you go to dinner / parties / weddings / showers / functions??? Input and comments are greatly appreciated!


Misty & Heidi said...

my first thoughts on your daily meals is that they seem very restricted ...for me that dosent work..also it seems while you may be eating lower calorie choices are they filling do they stick with you
that is a big thing im trying to work on right now is eating things that will KEEP me full!
like yesterday when i ran by the starbucks in between class because i was starving (this is quick and because its on campus offers much more than a normal starbucks) im standing in line with the dessert case staring me down trying to not look at it and instead look at the salads and wraps and healthier snacks ..i reluctantly opted for some justins almond butter which was not what i wanted but i knew it would stay with me and it did !

Emily said...

Don't beat yourself up, hun! I've been back and forth on this same road. One week down 5lbs, one week up 6lbs. You still ARE "doing so good" because you're still DOING IT!! :) Not giving up is the hardest part. I'm so proud of you for getting right back in there.

I am also on a very similar food progam as you are (after meeting with a dietitan.) So I think you're on the right track there. Try cooking up all your protien for the week on Sunday nights and boxing them up with the veggies so you have meals ready to go!! It doesn't take too long and that system has completely changed the way I eat.. b/c let's face it. I'm lazy ;)

Thanks for sharing, Brit! HANG IN THERE!! I'm cheering on the sidelines for ya!

msgigglepuss said...

A friend of mine is on that Ideal Protein plan...I just love fruit and carbs too much. You cant have milk either, right? I am not good with restricting whole food groups.

I suffer from mindless and some emotional eating too. I don't have a good answer...I just try to keep foods out of my reach so I can't grab it. Journaling my emotions before eating seems to help a bit too. just keep trying to be more good than bad and don't let a slip lead you to a downward spiral.

Fitblog helps me too...I wish my work schedule would allow me,to participate more. It helps to know that everybody struggles with something and getting tips.

wannabeamy said...

"I've been on weight watchers several times... and other diets. I found that when i follow the protocol exactly and get exercise-- I do great and feel great and i lose weight!!! But sometimes i just don't want to eat those healthy foods, i want to eat foods that i can't eat and shouldn't eat."

I am exactly the same. the thing is... we allow that stuff, but then get right back on track. It's HARD! but we can do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey I am so sorry that you aren't feeling too well right now about your weight gain. You know, I know it sounds scary, but seeing a registered dietitian could help. I had a good one for a while and it helped me soooo much! A good one is there to support you for the emotional things underneath your eating, and they would give you a meal plan designed just for you. They would also help you with those parties, knowing what to eat, helping take your mind off the food and remembering that it is about the people you are celebrating with. It truly is worth every penny, and there is probably one in your area who uses a sliding fee scale.

It would be like going to one of those rehab places, but it would be spread out over time in smaller doses. If you want a really compassionate one, try to find one with eating disorder experience (binge eating disorder/bulimia), even if you don't think you have binge eating disorder. It just seems they are extra sensitive.

Make sure it is a Registered Dietician, NOT a nutritionist!

Take care.