Thursday, September 16, 2010

things i'm looking forward to...

Lately i'm my head i've been thinking about all the things i'm looking forward to when i lose the weight, and i am back to the the healthy / fit / real me. I often have difficulty committing to something, and sticking with it the entire time. So i thought it might be best to write it down or type it out rather, so i can visualize what i want to help me to stay committed.

1) excited about my stomach being gone
2) looking forward to being able to wear the dresses and skirts that i want to and not be nervous about what i look like in them
3) having less total area to shave, pahahaha.
4) having people turn their heads when i walk down the street, because i'm just gorgeous, and they don't even recognize me.
5) not being the largest person in our family photos
6) not looking like a big round giant next to my friends in photos.
7) being able to shop in the normal stores, and NEVER AGAIN will i shop in Lane Bryant or the plus size sections!!!!!!
8) Being able to share clothes with my friends, mom, and sister!
9) Being finally happy with who i am, and really being able to love myself despite my faults.
10) Not being angry at myself for what i look like.

Just some things to share. What are YOU looking forward to, to being healthy / fit / lean and mean???


P.S. Officially as of yesterday, i lost 10% of my body weight!!! SO INCREDIBLY EXCITING!
I decided today, that since the program i'm on doesn't give us any rewards or anything like Weight Watchers does, i'm going to make a bookmark or something to put stickers on it for every 5 pounds i lose as a reminder, of how great i'm doing and to keep me moving and motivated!!!

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Mon said...

Many congrats on losing 10% of your body weight!! That is a real milestone!!
Just checked out your progress over this year and you're doing really well :)
Just wanted to cheer you on and say YOU CAN DO IT!!
I'll check back in again to see your updates.
Stay motivated girlfriend - I think the new you is on the way!