Saturday, September 25, 2010

some people...

Just a quick something:


2) I should never go on a first date to a football game. I would probably scare the crapppp out of my date. But if he didn't leave, then i knew he would be a keeper :)

3) SOME people are so just down awful rude, mean, and hurtful. I was walking into the stadium for the football game with my friend, and there was this older lady he was quite a bit larger than I was. Nearby there were 2 college guys, obviously drunk, who were snickering at her and laughing at her. I felt so incredibly bad for her. It hurt me, that some people think in order to be cool they have to make fun of other people. I never really understood that. I guess because i had been made fun of since i was a little girl. Some people i just want to hit them with a piece of wood, but i guess it's a good thing that i don't.

4) I did good at the football game... i had Fajitas for lunch when we were tailgating, 1 shiner book, PLENTY of water, only a few chips like 5 or 6, and no stadium food! Yayyyy accomplishment for avoiding concession stand food :)

good night, lovely blogsphere.
much love.

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