Thursday, September 30, 2010

half-marathon decision

So i've thought about it, and i have decided to walk the half-marathon. My mom and my sister will most likely be jogging/running the marathon. SO i may be doing it by myself!

If any of you are interested in walking with me, definitely feel free :) Your verbal and textual support is always appreciated and encouraged.

At this moment, what my current pace is-- i will be cutting it short to finish 13.1 miles in 4 hours. Even if i come in at right at 4 hours, I'll still be getting a Medal!!! How freaking excited, right?!?!

So over the next 21 weeks i'll be working on training, getting shape, increasing my pace-- along with finishing school, graduating, studying for NCLEX-PN, doing my 100 miles challenge for October and doing the HOT 100 challenge! And then there's also moving to Austin, packing, finding a place to live, and getting settled! WHOA BABY! There's a busy few months coming up! But i'm so excited. I feel that my heart is in the right place, and going in the right place and the right direction.

I also need to work on my Half-Marathon playlist for my ipod. Suggestions also recommended.

I am just so excited for this. Never in the past 7 years have i thought this is something i could do, and complete! This is huge. I have faith in myself, and i believe that this is something i can complete, and will do well. I know that i have what i need to get prepared and train for this race. What a gift to myself! I will wear that medal proudly for days following the Half-Marathon :)

stay tuned tomorrow, for HOT 100 update!

Ca C'est Bon!

Papa Red-- This one's for you!

I leave you with 2 thoughts ...

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero! (Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow)

No day but today, forget regret or life is yours to miss! -- RENT


Dawn said...

Woah girl! You have a lot going on. You gave me energy just think about all the things you have going on...haha!

I am here via the Hot 100. If you need extra energy let me know and I will try to send some your way..I'm sure you could use it ;)

Jess(ica) said...

I am so excited that you've decided to do the marathon! I look forward to seeing your progress as you train and prepare for it, along with taking care of everything else going on in your life! You're awesome!

The Fat Mom said...

I have thought about doing a marathon, but decided to wait until next year. Right now I would probably die 2 miles into it. :)

Good luck and I can't wait to read dyour progress.