Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 3

Much better week this week! yayy! I lost what i had gained last week (2.2 pounds), and then i also lost 0.2 pound! Yes, even the tenths of a pound count! For a total of 2.4 pounds loss. Another huge thing, is that i lost weight during Thanksgiving week!!! I also got exercise on Thanksgiving day... that's never happened! And this is definitely something i want to do every holiday and incorporate more exercise into my daily life!

So the new Weight Watchers Points plus program rolled out, and i really like it so far! I think this is one of those times, when change can be a good thing! But, man some of the people in my group just weren't getting it. I didn't understand that, i thought the program is very easy to understand. I'm thankful to have you, my readers, who support me, the #fitblog community, and health / fitness community to support me along my weight loss and fitness/health achieving journey!

One of the things i'm excited about it that all FRUITS ARE ZERO POINTS!!!! I love me some fruits :) As a matter of fact, i'm eating some green grapes right now! yesssss.

I'll do another post later this week with more detail about my thoughts on the new program. I definitely believe that Weight Watchers is the program for me!


Fit B said...

Hey woohoooooooo for the loss!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work girl

Steve Finnell said...

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Sarah said...

Congratulations on the Thanksgiving Day loss! That's huge!

Growing up, I used to have to beg someone to go for a walk with me after Thanksgiving dinner. Now I realize that there are turkey trots and races all over the country! I really hope to start making races (even if it's not something big like a half) a fun tradition.

Karena said...

Great job, Britt! Love your attitude about the new plan -- enjoy that fruit!

Sarah said...

Good for you! Keep up the good work.