Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 2

So let's be honest, this week was not the best, i was exhausted from school and clinicals. I had no energy to cook... i ate fast food, when i knew i should not have. I did not count and track points, when i should have. I did not grocery shop and i did not plan and search recipes, when i should have.

So i did a lot of things that i shouldn't have, you know ... one of those weeks when you have no energy for anything, and could really care less. Yes it was one of those weeks.

But enough with the pitty party self... time to get back on track. Walking 4 days a week for 300 minutes, for tracking like i know i need to and like i should ....

I'm sorry to my ho-ho-hoe's, for letting our team down and for letting myself down. I know i can do this and i know that i want to do this, i have to work hard... and some days i just don't want to do it!

This overweight, lazy, tired girl is not who i want to be, and not who i believe i am supposed to be.

Like Tara said, "do not let the gain deter you! In fact let it fuel the fire. #yougotthis"

#fitblog family, your twitter words of encouragement, were 110% needed today and greatly appreciated! Thank you again for your support!


LOVEOFMYLIFE1924 said...

You can do it! This is just apart of your journey and you will be better for it and will be able to encourage others because of it! Keep up the good work, you are inspiration to me.

John's Weight Loss Blog said...

It's easy to write when things go well, it's when things don't that it gets interesting. Sure, you didn't do as well as you wanted. Thanks for letting us know, now go try and do better. And tell us again. Repeat.

Good luck!

M.Brayfield said...

I had one of those weeks too. Lets both get back on track!