Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ideal Protein vs. Weight Watchers

So i've been on Ideal Protein for almost 6.5 months, i've lost 35 pounds and 23 inches. It's been really great, but for me to lose food i have to follow the plan EXACTLY. Having to do things EXACTLY PERFECT does not work out so well for me. At first i really like this plan, because i only had to cook/prepare one meal a day, per say. With preparing vegetables for 2 meals a day. I was still getting the protein i needed. And i couldn't have fruit :(

I've been on Weight Watchers several times. In 2006 was my most successful time, i lost 30 pounds and i felt great i was down to 208. Since then i've gained it all back and then 50 more pounds. But currently i've lost almost 35 pounds and i do feel great. I know that i have a ways t go. Statistically by BMI standards, i should weigh somewhere in between 130-155 for a "healthy" BMI. I know i have more to lose i don't know about losing 105 more pounds. I know i want to be below 200. I would think 150-175 would be okay. I just will have to see how i feel when i get near goal.

So the last few days i've given thought to going back to Weight Watchers. I really need the information from the meetings and accountability that i get from the meetings. I know there will be a lot more planning, recording of points/foods, and more time dedicated to shopping/meal planning. I'm also excited to see the new program that Weight Watchers is coming out with soon.

Thoughts / comments in regards to Weight Watchers? Do you participate in Weight Watchers? Do you like it? Any favorite Weight Watchers recipes that you want to share??


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

I think finding the right diet plan that works for you is quite the balancing act. I've tried and failed at WW 6 or 7 times throughout the years. I'm not sure if it was WW or just me not ready to commit.

I will say that the accountability is a plus and being able to eat "real food" that you can prepare is a plus, too.

Anyway...I guess I don't have any words of wisdom other than just to let you know that you are not alone...It's a struggle for us all to find that right plan that words and to commit. I found mine in South Beach, but that's only cuz I can't stand writing stuff down or calorie counting and I like the black and white of you can have this, but not that.

Good luck to you! =)

Fatty Cake Heather said...

Personally, I've never done weight watchers. The idea of paying someone to tell me how to lose weight just sucks (since I KNOW how). BUT, I know several people who have done great! So go for what ever HELPS YOU! For me it was the BodyBugg by Apex. Think Biggest Loser. It tells me how many calories a day I am burning. So, if I eat 1400 cals a day, and want to loose 2lbs a week, I have to burn 2400 cals that day. The key is consistency. It took me 6 months to get to that point, but I seem to be on a roll these days. I've recently lost about 15lbs (7 weeks in, this time around). The BIGGEST thing to remember is that it all boils down to calories. Eat whatever you want, but burn more than you eat (500 extra cals a day is 1lb a week). It was a shocker and a real eye opener for me to learn how much MY body is really burning, as opposed to what programs SAY I'm burning. It was about half. You can get one on eBay (but you still have to pay monthly for the service). In the end I paid about $200 and got it directly from (just to be safe, but I'm not a spokesperson or anything). Now its worth it. Now that I'm moving and being consistant (which is the key) EVERY DAY and not blowing it on the weekends or during an off meal. I'm a huge emotional eater with some depression loped on top. I blog about all of this, if your interested. But just remember, be consistant! YOU CAN DO IT! We all have choices, we all have options and we ALL CAN DO IT!! Good luck to you! I hope WW is the key that you need!

Katie @ Healthy Heddleson said...

I haven't done WW myself, but I know many people who love it. One thing I really like about WW? The fact they they teach you to enjoy all food groups. One thing I don't like about WW? Theoretically you could have all your points by eating not so great stuff.

Just my thoughts :)

Karen (Hello Gorgeous) said...

I do Weight Watchers. In Germany we've had ProPoints (the new program) since December 2009. I really like it because it seems more flexible than the old program and also takes into account more nutritional information now (carbs, fat, protein, fiber vs. just calories and fat). The flexibility is also what I love about WW. You can still eat everything which is important to me and at the same time you learn to (or are supposed to) make smart choices and make a lifestyle change.
I don't know Ideal Protein, so I have no idea how they compare.
I want to post a few recipes on my blog sometime soon so check it out.

Karen said...

I did WW several years ago. I went with a friend which made a big difference for me. It was the days of the point system and I was the queen of finding low point foods and recipes. I know there are tons of resources online now with great recipes and even just saw a list of low point foods the other day. I think WW is tried and true; proven to work. But I think we are all different in what motivates us and works for us personally.

Fit B said...

Well as you know I heart Weight Wacthers!!! All of the recipes on my blog are all pointed out for you :) I love Weight Watchers for all the reasons I listed today but the best part is the flexibility! And it sounds like you are making a good choice! I cant wait to recipe swap with you and talk all about point friendly snacks hehe

Melissa said...

Add me to the list as another fan of Weight Watchers. It's the only plan I've ever been able to stick with long enough to lose any substantial amount of weight. I'm very excited for the new ProPoints plan coming out in a couple of weeks!