Thursday, November 18, 2010

week 1

So if you didn't know i decided to go back to Weight Watchers, and it's been a great idea and much needed change! I'm able to eat fruits and pastas now, with moderation of course!

At the meeting this week, we talked about how to handle different stressors that come along during the holidays. We learned about how to handle situations, and how to speak with people who may think they're being kind and loving-- but they may say spiteful things when we're eating. It was good to learn. I KNOW that exercise is the #1 way to help control stress in my life! I just have to do it ... obvious, Brittany!

My 1st weigh-on Tuesday went great! I lost 3.4 pounds the first week!!! YAY!!! GO ME!

This 1st week went well for me-- i was quite surprised!!! I had gone out of town for the weekend to Pittsburgh, PA to celebrate the wedding of my sister and brother-in-law with my stepmom's family, since most of the family was not able to come to the wedding! It was sooo much fun! And i did sooo good/well (whatev.) with my eating! I was so proud of myself and quite surprised. I believe it was because i truely want to change my ways! Or maybe because what we ate at the Celebration was Pittsburgh-foods which i wasn't real sure about. But seriously, i did well because i wanted to, and i know that i need to change my habits/thoughts if i really want to change my lifestyle choices!

I'm participating in a challenge over at Shrinking Jeans , with some pretty amazing ladies! In the challenge, we are on a team of 8 or less, and the team that losses the most wins a prize! And there are other prizes to win along the way as well. You know i love a good prize and winning free things :) Check them out! Mel, Karena, Jen, Christy, Colleen, Mandy, Melissa, and myself! So far, I am convinced that being on a team for a challenge, is the best idea ever! We are here for each other, motivating each other along the way! I always did enjoy playing team sports (well most of the time-- i really enjoyed swimming, until i quit!).

A little bit of info before i state my goals: So last week at my 1st WW's meeting, our leader had us address a postcard to ourselves that we will get at someone point of the holidays. We had to write on the card 1 goal that we would like to achieve by the 1st meeting of the new year. I chose to reach my 5% weight loss by 1st meeting. For me, that would be 13 pounds! I've already lost 3.4 pounds, so i need to lose 9.6 pounds!

-Weight goal: To lose 9.6 pounds, and reach my 5% lost goal too!
-Exercise: 300 minutes (I'm in walking training for my half-marathon i'm doing in February!!!) I'll be walking 4 days a week, Normally 3 miles on Mon, 3 miles on Wed, 3 miles on Thurs, and the long walks on Saturday ranging from 7 - 10 miles on Saturdays as it gets closer!!!) PLEASE DO NOT LET ME SLACK ON THIS!!!!!
-Accomplishing my weight loss with Weight Watchers-- enjoying cooking, eating healthy, and making better decisions for myself!

phewww. enough!


Samantha~ said...

Whoa!! You had an amazing week! I am so glad that Weight Watchers is working for you. Keep up the amazing work lady!

M.Brayfield said...

Great job so far. I always lose the most the first week. Just keep it up!

Ragemichelle said...

3.4 lbs! Woo hoo!!!! I LOVE reading the weight loss blogs. This keeps me going.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

It's so important to recognize how you handle stress, especially if you are an emotional eater like I am! It sounds like you have a lot of great goals, but achievable ones at that. Keep up the great work and you get 'em!

Paula said...

Can't wait for week 2 update.

Fatty Cake Heather said...

Hey way to go!! Your goals are great too! I can't believe you walk 7-10 miles! I do about 4-5 every day and it about kills me by mile 5. I can't imagine 7, much less then! KUDOS to you!! Anyhow, about the PCOS, I'm on Metformin and have been for a year or so. I didn't notice any difference whatesoever. The only time I notice real weight loss is when I work my butt off!! Getting the Bodybugg was a huge help to me because I've realized that I burn about half of what the pc, wii and elliptical tells me I burn. That is serious info that I need in order to know what to eat!! Good luck with your marathon! What a goal!

Karen said...

Good for you:)

Joy said...

Keep up the great work!!!

Hey I wanted to let you know you've been tagged!!!

Keep focused!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and just started back with WW too. Great loss this week, congrats!

Maura said...

Get it, girl. Way to start off right.