Friday, November 6, 2009

me vs. them

So yesterday we took our final for Anatomy and Physiology. Boy am i glad i'm finished with that. I made an 86, the day before i wasn't sure i was going to do that well. Thanks to Christian and Heather's help i finally understand Neuro which is a wonderful thing. So we wanted to celebrate, i'd be totally fine with just having a drink or two, with my high alcohol tolerance and have lots of fun. The girls decided to proceed to a few more drinks, lacking my high alcohol tolerance, they were inebriated quite quickly. At first, they were funny. But then the obxiousness kicked in, and i wanted to kick my friends out of my car, drive off, and leave them stranded on the side of the road. whoaaaa now. That certainly is not my style. Hahaha. It would have been funny but not cool.

I realized last night that i am quite different from most people. My views, reasoning, ideas, morals, are completely different than most people. I know i have high expectations for relationsips and friendships and i'm okay with that. I'm this way for a reason, and that's totally fine by me. I wouldn't change it for a reason, well for most things at least.


Meg said...

Congrats on the 86! And for understanding neuro! That's such a hard thing to comprehend!

Wow. I think it's amazing that you realize that about yourself. I have often felt the same way about myself. And it's not a bad thing! Just frustrating at points. Love you!

Brittany Nicole Staires said...

Thanks Meg! Yes it's wonderful. I was quite excited. I love you too.

Betsy (OP at heart!) said...

Congratulations! Praise God!
I know exactly what you mean about being different. I've really been noticing it after going on retreat and feeling normal for once. I was asking Sister Mary Dominic "Okay so what do I do know?" because I was really changed on retreat and she said to me "Betsy, if your friends don't respect you for the deepest part of you then they shouldn't be your friends." It made me realize that my friends really don't know me at all because I've only shown very few people the deepest part of me.
It's really hard though and sometimes I wonder, as I'm sure we all do, "why me?" but my friend has been telling me all the time "You don't get to know why Betsy, all you can do is except it and use it for the good of the world." That doesn't change the cross of feeling different but sometimes it can at least make it a little bit easier to bear. I am praying for you!


Totus tuus Maria!