Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Dress

Just a thought ... but Lindsey and I were talking about Sister Fatima and Sister Nina's perpetual profession of vows.

It was their own wedding to their lover, JESUS and the CHURCH! SO beautiful.

We decided that if God will's it, we will be wearing our wedding dress every day :)


lindsey said...

God-willing, yes, one day.
It makes me so excited to even think about it. And I have things to share with you. :) yay yay yay.

Hope work is going well today.

Meg said...

:) Very neat thoughts. But I somehow think we've been wearing our wedding dresses since the day we were baptized. It's just sort of a mystery who we will wear our dress for, for eternity. Love you!

Betsy (soon to be OP) said...

I love the idea of getting to wear my wedding dress everyday! It's such a cool symbol and is one of the reasons the full habit was so important to me in my discernment.


Totus tuus Maria!!