Sunday, April 5, 2009

life and its choices.

I need to make my choices based on my soul and my desire and drive to get to Heaven at some point.

I want to pursue God and discern my vocation, no matter what that may be.
I am open to life as a married woman, a single woman, or a religious woman.
I'm tired of making my decisions based on what others say.

I'm aggrevated at this world, for making me feel pressured in choosing my vocation, and what i'm going to do.

I just want to be me completely in Love with God, whoever she may be.
I am intensely finding out who she is each day.

I love the people that God has put into my life so much, if they only knew it.
I want to pursue my passions in life, i want to live my life as God wants me to live.

I'm plum tired of the pressures of this world.
Sure my weight may keep me from not being able to do some of the things that i want to.
God, if you want me to lose weight, HELP ME PLEASE!!

If i'm meant to be the overweight girl, then so be it.

But if not, please help me!!!
I can not do this alone.

I need support, I need friends who will hold me accountable. Help me Lord. I can not do this alone.

Peace and Love for now.

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