Tuesday, July 15, 2008

you tell me.

so a friend of mine is now blogging so i wanted to update this. for now some pictures i found on my dad's computer that i love.

so losing friends still hurts me. i know that's a part of life. we grow apart from our friends and move on. but still it sucks and it hurts but that's life. so i'll lose friends and make new ones.

but it will still hurt i guess i still don't like saying goodbye. i guess i never will. it will always hurt me. that i never got to finally tell papa red goodbye in person, and that will still always bother me. i try to let that go, and accept that. but it still comes back to me... arrrrgh!!

i need to live and let go.

i'm really excited for what's to come in life. i'm excited not to be living alone anymore, and maybe i won't be so lonely anymore. i'm ready for that :)

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Nattie Bell said...

They say other languages are hard to master...but I think the HARDEST word in the whole world to ever comprehend is Goodbye.

Goodbye is rarely pleasant... and ALWAYS hard to say when you know it will be for a long time. But with Goodbyes in our lives, there will always be a new Hello. That's guaranteed. Everyday is new... and holds unique opportunities for new people to fall in love with and old friends to come back into your life :) That's why life is so awesome!

Everyday may not be 100% smiles, but there will be some part that brings a smirk. And you should do it more than once, B...you have a BEAUTIFUL smile!! I love you...and want you to know I'm still here for you!!!